Teeth Cleaning with Wendy

Sep 25, 2012

Great as usual. Hope Dr. Cox's shoulder is feeling better.

Dr. Z is the Best!

Sep 21, 2012

I've been going to see Dr. Zavattero since I was a child. Yesterday I went in for a filling, and it was quick and painless. The staff is always friendly & they never seem to run behind schedule. Keep up the good work! I would definatly recommended them!

top drawer

Sep 18, 2012

never disappointed bob still not dissapointed

Great cleaning session!

Sep 18, 2012

The work was quick, efficient, and not painful like some of my past sessions. I think the instruments used today make this a much more tolerable experience...I did not notice any discomfort this last time. I've had to go for cleanings three times a year for many years now, plus I have had other extensive work done (fillings, crowns). I highly recommend Pacific Dental for the quality of their dental care.

Favorite. Dentists. Ever.

Sep 12, 2012

I love them! They absolutely know what they're doing, and they've done a good job keeping me in good hygiene habits. It's not hard to at least floss a few times a week when your dentists are so cool that you don't want to disappoint them. The first time I ever visited, Dr. Cox noticed something that a previous dentist had messed up, and fixed it. I was hooked. I can't ask for anything more in a dentist experience. I mean, aside from having a pinball arcade in the waiting room.

The Personal Touch

Sep 8, 2012

From the front desk to the dental technicians right up to the dentists these guys are with you all the way. Concern for you health and comfort are their primary concerns.

Top notch dental service from caring hands and staff

Sep 1, 2012

A first class office. Have used Dr. Cox for several years.

Dental Cleaning and Check Up

Aug 28, 2012

Really nice people at Pacific Dental, including Dr. Z. Thanks.

Cynthia Cox, DDS

Aug 24, 2012

Dr. Cox is the best.

Always positive, attentive,calm, and reassuring

Aug 24, 2012

Dr Z is always positive, attentive, calm, and reassuring. His approach always puts the patient at ease. I have known him for many, many years, and he is always the same - a truly nice and pleasant dentist.

Full set up xrays

Aug 23, 2012

Pia was wonderful and Dr. Cox is very sensitive to patients needs.

The best Dentist group ever!

Aug 23, 2012

I visited Dr. Cox and her staff yesterday for a new appointment. Dr. Cox and Pia are very personable, knowledgeable, and efficient. In less that a half hour they had a complete set of digital x-rays, and were able to get directly to the treatment options and the various requirements for my plan. I explained all my concerns and desires, and they were able to both listen well, and show me what the choices and pitfalls of each option are. Both Dr. Cox, and Pia understand with care and compassion the person in the dental chair. You cannot find a better dentist group anywhere.

Routine care

Aug 22, 2012

Dr Cox is the best Dentist I've ever used, and her staff is very professional, friendly, and make going to the dentist a breeze.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Aug 21, 2012

great cleaning and exam

comprehensive review and explanation of possible problems and solutions for teeth

a happy customer

Aug 17, 2012

I had my teeth cleaned by Wendy yesterday. She always does a great job! Everyone in the office is very friendly and makes the experience easy.

Dr. Cox is Awesome

Aug 17, 2012

I have been seeing Dr. Cox for about 15 years. She is an incredible dentist and has taken great care of my teeth during this time. I came in with a mouth in fairly sorry shape, and now everything is very stable and healthy.

Change Is Good!

Aug 10, 2012

We had been with our previous dentist for 8 years and now found ourselves looking for someone new. Our first experience with Dr. Cox was perfect. She is great with our son. I instantly felt very comfortable with her and appreciated the way she explained things to us. She is very knowledgeable. The front desk was very comforting and I felt like I was an old friend. Pia, her dental assistant was easy going and helpful. I even had the sense that she and Dr. Cox have a good working relationship. Overall, my husband, son and I could not have asked for a better experience and we look forward to the future.

My 1st visit for dental work done by Dr. Cox

Jul 31, 2012

If some one were to ask me "which Dr. I dislike seeing the most?" it would be the Dentist. I can honestly say that this was the most pleasant experience I have ever had with a Dentist. Dr Cox can work on my teeth anytime. I hope she does not retire or leave anytime soon!

1st visit

Jul 30, 2012

It was great, painless and informative and Dr. Cox is easy to talk with.

Great care at Pacific Dental

Jul 27, 2012

Had a terrific cleaning and check up! Thanks!!

Pacific Dental & DDS Cox

Jul 21, 2012

It's hard not to really appreciate what a kind and caring practice Pacific Dental is.

You truly listen to your clients, and are always very attentive and professional and helpful.

Over 20 Years of Excellent Care

Jul 17, 2012

My wife and I are long time patients at Pacific Dental Group. Dr. Zavatro is our primary dentist, but we have also seen Dr. Cox from time to time. The doctors are wonderful and the staff are very good at what they do and friendly in the bargain.

We heartily recommend ts office for your dental needs.

What a great dentist!

Jul 10, 2012

I've been going to Dr. Zavattero since I moved back to California 7 years ago. Now that I've moved out of the area I'm still willing to travel about 3 hours each direction to use his services. Took me a while to find a dentist that I like, and trust. His staff is terrific, and all the work he's done has been top notch.

The very best of care!

Jul 6, 2012

I could not have asked for kinder or more professional care. Mine turned out to be a difficult case, but I never felt rushed despite the backup.

Dr. Cox - you're the best!!!!


Mary Ann Finch

Love this dentist

Jun 30, 2012

Dr. Cox and her staff are wonderful. I have been extremely scared of the dentist for years because of a bad experience as a child. The whole office has been extremely patient with me and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Cox is beyond sweet and very very patient. I still get nervous when going to the dentist but I know that I am in really good hands.

another great experience with pacific dental

Jun 29, 2012

The terrific staff is professional, friendly and ready to answer all of my inane questions about how to take care of my teeth and gums! Wendy is an excellent hygienist--extremely thorough and gives me pointers on how to keep my teeth clean and healthy. She seems to remember me from cleaning to cleaning and can tell me where I've improved/regressed. She also has a great rapport with Dr. Cox and they make an excellent and efficient team. Dr. Cox may be the nicest dentist I have every encountered. I love that she gives you a stick of aloe lip balm after doing dental work when your poor lips need salve! The front office staff is great at appointment making and helpful to address irksome insurance issues.

routine appointment

Jun 26, 2012

Carrie, as always, is terrific. Very efficient, always makes sure I have my next appointment scheduled prior to leaving & makes sure any questions have been answered.


Jun 22, 2012

I've been going to Dr. Z for years. The office staff is friendly and (most of the time) efficient, the assistant who cleaned my teeth was very fast and good, and Dr Z always offers good insights and advice.

One star off for 1) lack of parking 2) I had to wait 15 minutes past my appointment time because another patient was late.

Front tooth filling

Jun 20, 2012

As usual a very nice job by Dr. Z

Teeth Cleaning with Wendy

Jun 19, 2012

Great experience for a not so fun thing to do. Wendy is thorough and gentle. She's fun and makes the time go very quickly. As always Anne, is lovely to encounter at the desk. Thanks!

Roberta Draheim

appointment June 12, 2012

Jun 14, 2012

I am a new patient, this was my second visit. Dr Cox is a true professional and very understanding about my particular TMJ restrictions and needs. I also enjoy all her staff and their helpfulness.

Fine experience

Jun 7, 2012

Polite staff, fine service, I don't mind going to the dentist here!

My Teeth feel SO clean

Jun 5, 2012

Wendy is great. She doesn't hurt me and she doesn't lecture me endlessly about my dental hygiene. Perhaps some would say that is not good, but since regardless of what I do or don't do to take care of my teeth, it's not that I don't know WHAT to do. So, I appreciate the chance to zone out and not think about being in a dental chair with my mouth open.

Professional, comfortable

Jun 5, 2012

Comfortable dental services, always professional...

Best service anywhere

May 30, 2012

Always timely and courteous. I always feel that they care about the individual , not just another client.

Great dentist

May 23, 2012

As always, prompt, friendly service from the receptionist through all the staff. And excellent dental work. I feel like my teeth are in good hands.

Great service and friendly

May 15, 2012

I grew up having messed up teeth that slowly got better with lots of work. I have to say Dr. Z and his staff are simply wonderful-they may be my fave dental practice ever!

Another Great Visit

May 11, 2012

I love the great folks at Pacific Dental Group. Dentistry is never the most delightful way to spend a morning...but my two and a half hour multi-purpose appointment is as exceptionally good as dentistry gets, Everyone, from the receptionist and the dental hygenist to Dr. Cynthia Cox is super friendly, skilled, experienced and caring. They give dentistry a good name! I recommend their excellent services to anyone who seeks the highest quality care.

Great staff! But rethink the parking!

May 9, 2012

Love the people at Pacific Dental. Terry and Anne always

Make you feel right at home the minute you walk in the door.

The hygienist is one of the best ever! My dentist Cynthia is

wonderful. She truly cares about her patients health. Technically

she is the best dentist I have known.

My only suggestion is they should install bike racks. They do have a small parking lot for cars, but rarely is there a spot left. The parking should be for the customers not the dentists!

The Best

May 4, 2012

I've been Dr. Cox's patient for over 20 years and she is the best dentist I've ever known--extremely knowledgeable and expert in technique. But most of all Dr. Cox is personable, down to earth and caring. You simply cannot do better than her.

Office Review

May 2, 2012

I love Dr. Cox and all the other staff there. Appointsmenst are taken on time, all the staff are courteous and Dr. Cox is very good at explaining all my work, giving me options. She's also considerate about scheduling work carefully so that financially I can manage it.

Exceptional hygienist

May 2, 2012

As always, the care in this practice is stellar.

True Dental CARE!

Apr 30, 2012

I have been a patient at Pacific Dental Group for ~15+ years. From the front desk to Dr. Z and Dr. Cox, you will find skilled/personable staff and clinicians. It is wonderful to have consistent and reliable Dental CARE.


Apr 23, 2012

Office setting very pleasant and the appointments are always punctural. It's always a good visit even when I have to have work done.

first visit

Apr 18, 2012

I want to thank Dr. Cox and staff for their professionalism and hospitality. I really felt comfortable and welcomed in this new environment. Dental offices are often cold and sterile. But this was a great experience. Thanks William Branner

Another Great Visit!

Apr 13, 2012

Almost 20 years with Dr. Zavattero and his crew. Never disappointed.


Apr 5, 2012

I was very satisfied with my visit. Everyone was nice and friendly and the examination was most through

teeth cleaning

Apr 3, 2012

Excellent! I enjoy visiting with Carrie while she does a fine job on cleaning up teeth, gums. And good cleaning tips.

Please!!! If Zavettero & Cox are to be called by last names only, please use my last name in addresses. Calling me by first name implies I am socially beneath them or in awe of their stature. I am not.


Mar 30, 2012

My teeth needed a lot of work. The last two years I saw Dr Cox and her wonderful assistant Pia on a regular basis.

Dr Cox is the best dentist I ever had and I had a lot of dentists in Europe and the USA. Dr Cox is very skilled, highly professional and meets you as a fellow human being. She understands you. Friendly office staff. I am very grateful for the work done and how it is done.


Mar 29, 2012

without a doubt the best !

& i have been cleaned by many

Dr. Cox and Wendy - What a team!

Mar 27, 2012

Dr. Cox, dental hygienist Wendy and the front office staff are always so friendly and personable. Dr. Cox explains all the dental details to me so that I feel comfortable about my dental health. The whole family sees them, including my elderly mother. I'm so glad we found this dental practice.

Very Good Service

Mar 21, 2012

This Dental office is always very efficient by calling to remind me if an up coming appointment and my appointment are always on time, never have to wait. Staff is nice and friendly. Great experience.

Returning patient

Mar 17, 2012

This was a return to our original dentist. It was fun, friendly service and we were remembered. Now to see what the next appointments hold for us.

Instant service

Mar 16, 2012

I called Pacific Dental Group on March 13 because I had a tooth ache. I got an appointment the same day with Dr. Zavaterro and received excellent service.

Recent appointment

Mar 15, 2012

My experience has always been extremely positive. The staff is very friendly, appointments are always on-time, Cynthia is a great dentist.

Dental Visit

Mar 12, 2012

My visit was routine, but the professional service was exceptional, as it has never failed to be.

Wendy is a star, so gentle and thorough. Thank you

Mar 10, 2012

Wendy is so attentive and gentle. I used to dread going to the dentist. Not any more.

Teeth cleaning --

Mar 2, 2012

as always Wendy is the best -----and my teeth are sparkling ----

Great Dentist!

Feb 26, 2012

Dr Cox is a great dentist: knowledagble, gentle and personable. All my experiences with her have been very positive. I have seen many dental practictioners in my life and I can truly say that Dr. is among the best. Highly recommended.

No need to fear needles.

Feb 18, 2012

Although I'm an RN, I dislike needles, mostly because I'm afraid it's gonna hurt. Dr. Cox has a technique that is great and painless. I'd go into details but may be revealing top secret info or may be revealing boring info. Great office staff her assistant Pita (sp?) is very friendly.

Best dental practice ever!

Feb 9, 2012

Pain free. Perfect for those of us who had bad childhood dentists and/or lots of dental fear. Their approach is gentle, friendly, and coaching. And like your favorite bar, everybody knows your name! After my first exam, Dr. Cox talked to me about options and areas of concern (like old fillings that would need to be replaced)and then let me set the pace. And when an out of town friend was in pain and I called to see if they could get him in, they did--in 20 minutes. Every person there is a gem and I can't recommend them enough.

Dr Zavattero makes patients very comfortable

Jan 31, 2012

Dr Zavattero reduces the anxiety, and stress felt by patients. It was a pleasure to see Dr Zavattero

Pacific Dental

Jan 31, 2012

The energy in the office is so friendly, they treat you as if you are family. Always good conversation and smiles.

I'm confident

Jan 27, 2012

I am confident that I received excellent care yesterday from Wendy and Dr. Cox. My teeth feel clean and healthy. My concerns were carefully addressed. A game plan was put forth. I have every confidence in the care I receive at this office. The administrative help is also very friendly, efficient and professional. Thank you!

Long-time customer

Jan 27, 2012

Wendy is great- friendly, skilled and efficient hygienist. I have been going here for 30 years - Dr. Z is the best.

Pacific Dental Group -Dr. Zavattero

Jan 24, 2012

-Dr. Z replaced my crowns, installed 2 bridges, and got my teeth healthy again

-the front office do a superb job handling insurance, billing, appointments

-free parking

Great Dentist

Jan 21, 2012

Cynthia Cox is the best dentist I've ever known (and I've know many! I'm 71!)

Great service and great patient reassurance...

Jan 20, 2012

The office provides patient comfort, reassurance, and presents a very comfortable environment for patients. Dr Zavattero presents a very relaxed, comfortable approach to dental care.

Teeth cleaning for an 98 year old man

Jan 15, 2012

Very happy with the folks at Pacific Dental Group.

Dr. Cox

Jan 8, 2012

Dr. Cox is one of the greatest dentist I've ever been to. Her professionalism and work is top notch. Wendy is a really efficient hygienist. Pia and Ann are always helpful and pleasant. The reason that I'm giving the office a 4.5 rating instead of a perfect 5 is the woman that assists as receptionist and handles the insurance billing is difficult to deal with and unfriendly.

Hygienist was excellent!

Jan 3, 2012

I need to have my teeth cleaned 4 times a year. Kerrey was

so thorough and gentle at the same time, I am now spoiled.

I almost feel asleep in the chair. Her technique has a wonderful

combination of profiency and passion. I also loved that she didn't

talk or bug me about how I was doing. I only wish she would clean

my two dogs teeth as well!!

Dr. Cox

Dec 30, 2011

Cynthia is superb professionally, caring, painless. Referrals for oral surgery and periodontics tops. Whole staff wonderful.

Cleaning & X-Ray

Dec 16, 2011

I've been going to Dr Z's for years and have always enjoyed the service. This last time I did not get to see Dr Z himself, which was disappointing. I guess I should take it as a vote of confidence that my teeth are fine!

Hygiene/ Teeth Cleaning & Dental check-up by Dentist

Dec 15, 2011

I always look forward to seeing Kerrie every

5 months, to have my teeth cleaned...The Quality of the work she does,,,has made a difference on the health of my gum tissue and saving me from more bone loss......and for my Dentist Cynthia I see in the office....I can't say enough about her....You never feel the injections,,,,I go to sleep when I receive dental work with her.... I highly recommend this office.....you are treated in the very best way they can provide for you..

Very well taken care of

Dec 11, 2011

A patient for over 2 years now; every experience I've had has been pleasant (yes, even the dental work itself!!)


Dec 5, 2011

Dr. Cox and company are always courteous, friendly and efficient. I'm a happy customer.

Dental appointment with Pacific Dental Group

Dec 3, 2011

I'm impressed with the service that I've received at Pacific Dental Group over the past 5-6 years. Dr. Zavaterro, Dr. Cox, the dental hygienists, dental assistants, and office staff are always so nice and helpful. I've recommended them to members of my family and other friends. ..and my teeth look GOOD!

Great, as usual!

Nov 30, 2011

Wendy and Dr. Cox always do a great job. My teeth feel great!

Another fine job

Nov 26, 2011

Tom Zavattero and the staff once again provided top-notch service in replacing a broken tooth with a crown. As always, the work was done at the highest professional level and in a pleasant atmosphere.

A satisfied client/patient

Nov 20, 2011

Attention to your dental needs are always paramount at Pacific Dental Group from the office staff, dental hygienist, and the dentist. I always feel the individual attention I receive is sincere. My level of anxiety is always decreased before I even reach the service chair.

Thanks and Peace

Always Great

Nov 17, 2011

Okay, the parking is terrible, but Dr. Cox and her team are SO great! Always on time, friendly, and quick! The office staff went above and beyond to contact my insurance and figure out exactly what was covered... most medical offices put that responsibility on the patient. It's so nice to go to a dentist where service and friendliness are still highly valued.

office visit

Nov 16, 2011

The staff and DR. Cox gave me excellent care and service. I was more than pleased. I would recomend this dental office to any one if I am asked.

I love my dentist...

Nov 15, 2011

Dr. Cox is amazing and gentle and imformative and personable and cares. Pia is amazing also. I am so happy with her as my dentist because I feel I can really trust her.

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